Sleeves & Cock Rings

  • Jelly Dolphin
    Ultra soft cock ring plus silver removable multispeed mini bullet. Waterproof. Batteries included.
    NZ$ 19.95 EA
  • Jelly Rabbit
    Ultra soft cock ring plus silver removable multispeed mini bullet. Waterproof. Batteries included.
    NZ$ 19.95 EA
  • Vibrating Penis Ring with Condom
    Vibrator goes beyond the traditional contraceptive functions of condoms.

    Its vibrating effect can stimulate the pleasure and sensation in lovemaking, aside from contraceptive effect.
    Vibrator can be used without a condom.
    NZ$ 9.95 EA
  • Aquasilks Waterproof Vibrating Cockring Black
    This waterproof 4 speed cockring will turn any penis into a vibrating toy of wonder. The silky smooth covering adds to the experience and is a joy to use. Attach to the base of the shaft and enjoy the sensations on your most intimate areas.
    NZ$ 24.95 EA
    Out Of Stock
  • Cellphone Activated Vibe
    Ring Ring Ring vibrates not only to the signal of your mobile phone, but also works manually.

    Simply slide it around the base of the penis and let yourself go. Use the big round button to adjust the ultimate vibration you want or wait for a call or text to experience an erotic vibration.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Clit Banger
    Clit banger silicone penis sleeve with vibrating mini egg! Want to make her cum? Then strap this sucker on and get to it! This soft, silicone sleeve has a space-age feel and design that fits firmly on any stiff cock or vibrator. PLUS, a powerful vibrating mini egg that turns a regular clit stimulator into an orgasm-monster machine!
    NZ$ 34.95 EA
  • Diamond Silicone Cockring
    A super-soft and stretchy silicone cockring in the shape of a massive diamond engagement ring setting.
    NZ$ 12.95 EA
  • Erection Ring
    A soft rubber erection ring to achieve stronger ejaculation. Helps maintain erection after ejaculation. Fully adjustable and can be released immediately.
    NZ$ 12.95 EA
  • Facin 8 Cock Ring and Bullet
    Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring with removable multispeed mini bullet. An ultra soft silicone cockring fits snugly around the penis and testicles.... Plus a powerful, removable multispeed bullet that rides inside.
    NZ$ 32.95 EA
  • Glow in the Dark Sleeves
    Glow in the Dark sleeves. 6 different shapes and 6 pieces per set. These come in a window box not poly bag as shown. Stretchable sleeve that fits any size of vibrator. Washable. New magic material enables to stretch 10 times!
    NZ$ 15.95 EA
  • Hush Bunny
    This amazingly powerful MICRO-EGG can certainly be called SILENT BUT VIOLET! It rides inside the HUSH BUNNY silicone penis sleeve waiting to drive her hot clit absolutely crazy, while you pound her pussy with your ultra-stiff cock! Uses 2 AA batteries not included.
    NZ$ 54.95 EA
  • Magnetic Cock Ring
    The 100% cure against premature ejaculations! Long lasting erections! Advanced technology increases blood flow to the penis!

    A five point magnetic field thats inside the cockring increases the blood flow into the penis which then enhances your long lasting harder erection!
    NZ$ 19.95 EA
  • Silicone Soft Cock Ring
    Silicone soft cock ring. Snug fit. Nubby sleeve. One touch vibration. Ultra soft silicone fits any and all sizes. Includes 2 sets of ready to use batteries!
    NZ$ 24.95 EA

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