High Tech Vibrators

  • Eclipse Dolphitronic
    Designed in the future to be used today. Oscillating Tip, ultra soft jelly penis head bores deepest as it rotates. rotating shaft with 6 rows of metal beads that spin at different speeds. Dolphin clit vibe that stimulates as it rotates. Glow in the dark buttons and LED indicator lights. One special luxury vibe
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
    NZ$ 89.95 EA
  • Ultra 7 Hummer Vibe
    Ultra 7 G-Spot Tip : A soft and smooth rotating tip probes you deeply and thoroughly in two directions in three powerfull speeds! Internal Rotating Shaft : Four vertical rows of five give you a total of twenty rotating steel beads that reem you in two directions and in three powerfuly hot pleasing speeds!
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • G1 Pearl Vibe
    Looking for a G-Spot pearl style vibe with clitoral stimulation. This is the one! The G1 Pearl comes with an oscillating jelly G-spot shaft that is packed with free riding beads that twist and turn inside you.
    NZ$ 85.95 EA
    Out Of Stock
  • Holistic Pleasure Kit
    A mulit-purpose pleasure kit designed to satisfy! This thick purple vibe with dolphin clit stimulator could easily be your new best friend!
    NZ$ 99.95 EA
    Out Of Stock
  • Silicone Probe Natural Vibe
    A beautifully designed probing head shaped vibrator with a superbly detailed shaft, coupled with a vibrating clitoral petal stimulator, immense pleasure is only moments way.
    NZ$ 89.95 EA
    Out Of Stock
  • Sparkling Beaver
    A multi-speed dual controlled pearl filled rotating shaft with vibrating clit beaver-moulded in a new sparkling clear material.
    NZ$ 59.95 EA
  • Tarson Pink Squirmy
    Realistic pink tinted semi transparent unit with interior silver beads and base mounted battery powered control unit to facilitate a variety of speeds and movements. Realistic shape and size with smooth heads to allow easy, comfortable vaginal and anal entry and clitoral stimulation. An effective, hygienic, solidly built sex tool, well designed for maximum pleasure and variety.
    NZ$ 129.95 EA
  • The Muffin Mucker
    The Muffin Mucker is simply one of the best values on the market. You get features like a multi-speed massage controller, vibro squirm, reverse direction controls, rotating stimu-beads and a powerful clitoral stimulator with it's own control dial.
    NZ$ 84.95 EA
    Out Of Stock

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