General Stimulators

  • Venus Butterfly
    Here is another popular and unique vibrator. The Venus Butterfly vibrator is held in place with straps so you can wear it during intercourse.
    NZ$ 29.95 EA
  • Silicone Rabbit Finger Sleeve Vibe
    Waterproof batteries included!

    Ultra-soft stretchable silicone Finger Vibe shaped like a Rabbit.

    Removable Bullet Vibe includes batteries.
    NZ$ 24.95 EA
  • Vagina Plug
    Soft Jelly plug with a corkscrew shape and twin ticklers with multi speed vibrating bullet.
    NZ$ 29.95 EA
  • Tongue Vibe
    The Tongue Vibe is a totally new way to enjoy oral sex! It offers some of the most novel and sensual experiences possible!
    NZ$ 115.95 EA
  • 2 Speed Magic Wand Massager Vibrator
    The 2 Speed Magic Wand Massager Vibrator has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers for over 30 years. (and its design shows it) The soft, spherical head gives a soothing massage.
    NZ$ 131.95 EA
    Out Of Stock
  • Boobz Vibrating Nipple Pump
    Powerful suction, soft nubby ticklers, multispeed vibrations.

    Multispeed control unit uses 2 AA batteries (not included).
    NZ$ 39.95 EA
  • Clitofing Pink
    Using "Clitofing" the art of foreplay becomes more exciting. This finger stall is made of pure pvc and makes women reay for love in no time.
    NZ$ 9.95 EA
  • Clitoral Vibrating Pump
    An extremely powerful vacuum and vibration system. Provides a completely orgasmic clitoral statisfaction.

    Batteries included.
    NZ$ 86.95 EA
  • Erotic Finger Vibe
    It is an amazing new sex toy that turns your finger into a variable-speed vibrator - simply strap the controller to your wrist, fit the vibrating strap/egg around the base of your finger and you`re off!!
    NZ$ 29.95 EA
  • Feelz Toys - Damien All-In-One
    Powerful vibrator with three different sensational silicone attachments that allow you to vary the vibration style. The Damien is extremely easy and pleasing to use with the touch of a large button on the back of the product. The Damien is not appropriate for internal use.
    NZ$ 109.95 EA
  • Finger Tingler Vibe
    Ultra sleek vibrating extension. Remarkable micro technology allows this small, sleek vibrating finger tip extension to satisfy him and her thoroughly and quietly.

    Batteries included.
    NZ$ 39.95 EA
  • Nipple Chain
    Erotic jewellery enhances your pleasures. Soft coated, 100% adjustable, non-nickel clamps.
    NZ$ 14.95 EA
  • Nipple Pump 10 Piece Set
    Nipple pump 10 Piece Set includes two pump sizes and four ring sizes.
    NZ$ 23.95 EA
  • Nipple Sucker
    Nipple sucker with 2 sets of rings small and large.
    NZ$ 19.95 EA
  • Pure Clit Tickler Vibe
    Multispeed, Soft silicone, Waterproof. A vibrating and flickering clitoral teaser tip covered with All-New Pure Ultra soft silicone finish.
    NZ$ 34.95 EA
  • Remote Control Vibe Panty
    Remote control vibrating pleasure panty.

    Sexy elastic fitting panty with velvet/satin looking zebra stripes and thick nubby vaginal sleeve with a velcro door to hold the removable egg.
    NZ$ 69.95 EA
  • Silicone Finger Vibe
    Silicone finger vibe with multi speed dial controls.
    NZ$ 29.95 EA
  • Turbo Tongue
    Now you can have the pleasurable feeling of a flicking tongue on your clit anytime. The turbo tongue has an ultra soft flesh like tip that flickers at two speeds. Realistic texture, details and feelings.
    NZ$ 39.95 EA
  • Vibro Pod Digital Music Butterfly
    Enjoy your music collection with your sex life with this erotic MP3-player-adaptable clitoral vibrator. Phthalate-free and packed with pleasure, sexy suction makes this toy even more enjoyable.
    NZ$ 110.95 EA
    NZ$ 99.95 EA

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